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About Us


Development Services

Having served developers with transportation engineering services across the US for 16 years we understand that transportation costs can be a critical determinant factor in whether or not a project moves forward. We provide reasonable rates, prompt service, and can quickly help inform your overall pro forma and support project entitlements with formal Traffic Impact Analyses or Trip Generation Letters depending on agency requirements. With experience throughout the northwest region we can oftentimes identify initial project risks and fees with a very basic understanding of the conceptual development plan.


Planning Services

With an office located in Central Oregon we can readily serve public clients throughout the region with informed and feasible project solutions. We provide experience with on-call services, project review, grant support, safety analyses, peer review, and planning services ranging from intersection review to corridor and transportation systems planning. We partner with a range of experts that specialize in policies, planning, GIS, graphics, access, and public outreach.


Why Choose Transight Consulting?

  • Small firm with industry connections to span the full range of transportation services. 
  • Sixteen years of transportation planning and engineering experience, including nine years within Central Oregon leading the most complex projects within the region.
  • Reasonable rates and high quality deliverables. You can be assured that experienced engineers will directly prepare and oversee all aspects of the work.
  • Clear understanding and familiarity with local codes, policies, decision makers, and risk factors. 
  • Strong coordination and communication skills that are critical in reaching informed consensus with stakeholders and decision makers.

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